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Video Poker – The Popular Online Casino Game

Introduced in the 1970s along with Pong and other early video games, video poker today is one of the most popular and easy to play casino games and seems tailor-made for Internet online gambling fun!

Video poker machines can still be found at the corner of many barrooms and always seem to attract a loyal player following even if, by law, they are not located within a legal gambling area and offer no payouts!

Most machines accept bets from a quarter all the way up to one or five dollar bills. There are many different “games” of poker, but most video poker machines are set up based on traditional “five card draw” style of poker. A player is “dealt” five cards. The player can then choose to discard any or all of the cards to attempt to improve their poker hand. New cards are dealt to the player, replacing those discarded cards. At that point the dealer and player hands are shown and evaluated. The best hand is a Royal Flush and the lesser winning hands all pay out according to the rules printed on the machine, down to a Pair. The player is playing against the Dealer – the machine. The machine will either pay out onto a pre-paid plastic betting card the player used to place his bets, or will print a receipt to be taken to the casino cashier for payout. Or the player can choose to play his winnings and continue betting against the machine in hopes of increasing his winnings.

Video poker especially lends itself to online Internet gaming, as it utilizes a computer display screen even if played “live” at an actual casino, so there is little difference in play between casino and at-home online play.

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