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Online Backgammon

If it is a good game to play an excellent flash backgammon game is the flash version, this and a game that keeps all his style and aesthetic, of course the dice are random number generator but it is noteworthy that these are equal to the true as far as concerns random.

This is a very interesting game that is not the most popular just because the rules are a bit more complex than the rest but nothing that you can understand a couple of minutes to watch. This is a game in which profits can be quite large and unfortunately has fallen into disuse in traditional casinos, how good is that thanks to the format online flash games you can enjoy in the comfort of your home without spending a penny move. It is important to remember that this is a very old game in Egyptian ruins and remains have been found such as boards and will speak highly of this game throughout history suits the life of man in this If it succeeds by giving the jump and the Internet. In this way is that it has one of the best games of chance in history to the comfort of our home. Hope this is helpful when choosing which game to play flash.

Backgammon Strategies

Backgammon is a game that combines the intelligence and skill of chess, with an element of luck and rival analysis as can be in poker. One of the aspects that are most important in this game has to do with the openings, although not as many treaties as in Chess, if it has a large number of options. Drawing with the positions of the chips wills rapidly expanding due to the number of rolls and sheets possible moves available on each shift.

Computer simulations have been used with great intensity in recent times for the analysis and study of openings, which has made the middle game, is reached quickly. After these opening moves, backgammon players often keep adapting strategies established so the various situations that arise in the game. The strategy usually produces better results is to prevent the pieces themselves are attacked.

How to play backgammon

Each player starts with two cards at point 24, three pieces in their Section 8, five tabs at paragraph 6 and five cards in paragraph 13. The cards of the players are different colors, one dark and one light.

Each player has his own pair of dice and other die-sharing will be the share given that bends with the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 being used to store the final value of the game.

Before you begin, perform a roll to decide who starts playing; it will be that you get a higher score. Whoever has done it will throw the dice and move the chips according to the following standards:

The score of the dice will be "A" and "B", then the player can move a piece "A" positions, and another piece, which may be the same, "B" positions.

To move a piece "A" + "B" positions, the resulting position to add "A" should not be blocked, ie, we consider two individual movements and other rules apply to every movement.

- Unable to move a piece to a locked position, where two or more pieces to the contrary. If there is only one opponent's piece, the piece is "captured" and placed in the vertical bar.

1. Start the game: The player must click on the "Start the game." Most casinos allow you to select the difficulty level, the room in which they wish to play, and the color of gambling chips.

2. Throwing the dice: After the above initial setting, the player must draw and press the corresponding button to throw the dice. In online casinos, the roll of the dice is automatically handled by the game.

3. Move chips: When the dice have been cast, you must move the piece, the player simply must click on the tab you want to move, and then he should drag it to the point where you want to place it.

Once done the computer will ask for confirmation. For any error the player can choose to change your mind or press on the "unsubscribe".

The inspector will be returned to its original point. The game of backgammon software is smart enough to spot an illegal maneuver. If the player tries to perform an illegal maneuver, the computer will instantly notify the player with a warning message.