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How Do You Play Texas Hold em?

Poker was always a favorite card game among anyone who liked to gamble. It was made even more popular by the rise of casinos in Las Vegas and now all over the world. That popularity has spawned many variations of poker that have become common over the years. One of the most common variations of poker is Texas Hold ‘em.

Texas Hold ‘em involves dealing two cards face down to each player. The dealer places five community cards down face up, first is a series of three. This series is called “the flop”. The dealer then lays down another single card called “the turn”. Finally, another single card is laid down called “the river”.

As the dealer lays down each series of cards; the players have the option to check, bet, raise or fold. The game is usually divided into several hands. After each deal, the pot is usually awarded to the player with the highest hand. Sometimes there are two or more players that are tied. These players compete in a showdown. Also, if all players but one fold on any given hand, the player who has not folded wins the pot.

If your game of Texas Hold ‘em comes to a showdown, the dealer deals the two hole cards to each player. The five community cards are all laid down face up. Each player has to make the best possible poker hand he can by using his two hole cards and the five community cards. You have the option to not use your hole cards if they do not serve your hand. The player with the winning hand will take the pot.