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Clear Hands During Dealing Casino

Special rules for the compensation of hands vary from Casino to Casino and games. The main objective remains the same. Dealer hands the player must open winner, losing cards in a manner used numbers bet and all, allowing supervisors to back and check the results and, if necessary. Many single and double deck blackjack Casino is the method "choose and pay". After you master this technique, the adaptation of new games or adapt the measures to comply with the rules of the House is simple


1- Starting with the first player on the right side. If this is a third guest (last possible betting circle to the right of the table), use the right hand to receive his hand under his commitment. Use a different bet circle, guests play the left hand.

2- Player was advanced face cards instead of your wager on a diagonal line on the left side.

3- Revision of the player's hand.

4- The numbers of the player if he wins? take the bet, and transmit in the status bar when lost. If the visitor is the first base (the first bet circle as possible to the left of the table), use the left hand or take the bet. Use the right hand for customers with any other region of the odds.

5- to collect Player cards with your right hand. Using a roofless structures to ensure all the cards against your Palm with the ring and little finger. The other fingers and thumb must remain Paris free numbers.

6- go to your left and repeat steps 1 through 5 until you have installed all hands. To collect additional hands in step 5, you can make sure that the most recently installed beforehand on the bridge is placed in them.

7- Balls of the hand, then your cards at the bottom of the deck. From right to left, then the first card yours is the last card in the deck. This makes it easier for a hand back and check if necessary.

8- Set to throw all cards used in a rack.