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How to Make Casino Chips

Casino chips are a pleasure, a realistic opportunity, bring the feeling of the casino to your poker home games. While the commercial poker games can be very expensive, play casino games with costume designers, as small pieces and peanuts is simply not the same. However you can own at home in polymer clay Casino chips - the construction process of cylindrical shape in the clay, then came in the form of flat glass can be cut. It can be done in an afternoon.


1- Choose a design for your casino chips. For this design there are small dots around the color of heart sound, followed by a layer of red and white rectangles.

2- Cane sugar solid roll or the Centre of the chips. There must be a long cylinder, 6, 7 cm in length, you compare Poker can under their supplies for the size of the token. When working with polymer roll the clay in the hands first to facilitate work.

3- Press the ends of the table to keep it as flat as possible and try to keep the width of the length of the Center or sugar cane.

4- Use the pastry roll for small bands, red, white and blue uniform, the length of the rod to measure. You'll be the dotted lines. Band of press about the length of the rod, alternating colors. Be fairly gentle to not distort the cylinder, but to make sure enough press to avoid air bubbles in the sound.

5- Out, roll a piece of great and keep the thickness of clay fine polymer red or blue, even as possible. This press around the entire pipe or Centre, at the top of the thin strips previously connected. Use filling the small thin pieces or red or blue patch necessary sound.

6- Use the knife to the thickness of rectangles 0.25 inches to each side of the block of cut white fimo. This ensures the consistency of the size. Same thing, around the block sound red or blue.

7- Press the white rectangles on the floor at intervals in the previously mentioned applied red layer. Fill in the fields with red or blue color rectangles; Perhaps you should resize the white rectangles and did his best to give them to align, which connected the edges. The form of the Center, try to keep very pressing to avoid air bubbles.

8- Press its manufacturing plant of polymer clay as far as possible the air bags, maintaining the form of pressure. Wrap in waxed paper and place it in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

9- Remove sugarcane from the freezer and put it. Mark cane is cut chips and then the sugarcane cut as trademarks; This cane must be translated in about 40 Casino chips. It is in addition to leader, which allows lower uniform chip.

10- Wells of add pressing each polymer clay casino chip gently between two casino in his token of deliveries. Add the desired marks their token at that time, before the construction of the second technical Casino chip above.

11- Bake your chips on the instructions of the package of polymer clay.

12- Decorate their house Casino chips that she cool. If you are printing, use oil ink stamp. Then you can add highlight powder and use the decoration of heat depending on the set according to the package instructions.